We create safe predictable income portfolios.

Do you trust Wall Street?

There is a better way.

Don't follow the crowd.

Win by not losing!

Your money making money  instead of you working.  

You invest to have a life free from financial worry.

You need a safe predictable income portfolio.

Let me be your guide!


A financial advisor is like a scout for the pioneer wagon trains heading west, your financial journey is just as hazardous. 


The pioneers who settled America began the journey with a vague understanding of what they would face. They were intrigued by the promises of the future but fearful of the unknown. They had no experience or knowledge of how to travel deserts and mountains. Their journey would be filled with obstacles and dangers.


That’s why they needed an experienced guide, someone who had been over the trails before and knew how to adjust when faced with unforeseen dangers and problems.

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Do you want a financial guide like this?
We create safe predictable income portfolios for your lifestyle.

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ABOUT Dennis


Who cares?  Really!

What is important to you is:  

can I help you survive  dangers and help you thrive with enough income to live the life you choose.


 What makes me different!  

  • A different approach
  • Deep financial knowledge
  • Decades of experience

Financial planning is life planning.  Money is a tool you use to build the life you choose. (TM) We show you how to use the right tools. 

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