Retirement is an Income Problem

We design safe predictable income portfolios.


Do you trust Wall Street?

One problem is getting financial guidance you can trust.  

A lot of what Wall Street says doesn't connect with real-life or your life. It's like being in a country that speaks a foreign language.

Experts pretend to predict the future that nobody can know.  

They give endless but conflicting opinions. Financial information is not the same thing as useful financial knowledge. 

Investment people use a risk profile questionnaire to recommend an investment model. It doesn't work. 

It looks scientific, but it's not.  A few questions cannot measure your risk tolerance or determine how you should invest. 

Almost everyone forgets the basic purpose of Wall Street is to raise money for businesses. 

It is not a casino for the rest of us. 

What's the problem?

Most investment strategies will fail you. They are packaged products for the mass market. You are not in the mass market.

The investment world is complex and full of financial noise pollution. The choices are more complicated and more risky than necessary.

 There are 9599 mutual funds, 1988 ETFs and 17,079 investment companies. 

How can you know what's best?

Even the experts disagree.


Your goal is creating income.

Income from you working or your money working.

  •  You don't want to run out of money.

  • You don't want to lose money.  

  • You want a future free from financial worry.

  • You want to pay fewer taxes.

  • You want a reasonable return.

  • You want confidence you are making the right investment decisions.


Income is the goal that solves all your other goals.


You invest to experience

a meaningful life.

Accomplish the things you want to do.​

Be with the people you want to be with.

Become the person you want to be.

Make a difference in the world.

Pass on your values and wealth.

Live a long and healthy life.

Have peace of mind.

What makes me different!

A different approach
Financial planning is life planning.

Money is a tool. TM 

Deep financial knowledge
I've developed a vast understanding of all areas of the financial industry, banks, trust, estate planning, insurance and investment companies. 

Decades of experience
For 39 years I have helped people in all stages of life and have seen almost everything that can happen.

About Dennis
Who cares?  Really!
What is important to you is, if I can help you survive the dangers of life and thrive with enough income to live your life.

I am your financial guide!


I am your financial guide!  Like a scout for the pioneer wagon trains heading west.


The pioneers who settled America began the journey with a vague understanding of what they would face. They were intrigued by the promises of the future but fearful of the unknown. They had no experience and knowledge of how to travel deserts and mountains. Their journey would be filled with obstacles and dangers.


That’s why they needed an experienced guide, someone who had been over the trails before and knew how to adjust when faced with unforeseen dangers and problems. © Dennis Zaderaka.  All rights reserved. 2001


Your financial journey is just as hazardous as the pioneer's. 

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