About Dennis

About Dennis

Who cares?  Really!

What is important to you is if I can help you survive the dangers of life and thrive with enough income to live your life..


What makes me different

A different approach


Financial planning is life planning.  Money is a tool you use to build the life you choose. TM I believe investing starts with why you invest.  My clients are willing to spend a little time thinking about their values and their life.  Sometimes this only takes an hour or two but it helps both of us see more clearly.  I want to add value to your life and to your money.  


Deep financial knowledge

I've developed a vast understanding of all areas of the financial industry, banks, trust, estate planning, insurance and investment companies. This gives me knowledge of many resources for the best way to implement your decisions. That knowledge has greater value to you when paired with your unique life. Our investment goals are to: create income, reduce risk, save time, lower investment stress, lower fees, and reduce taxes.


Decades of experience

For 39 years I have helped people in all stages of life and have seen almost everything that can happen. I have learned people want to use their money to experience and to enjoy their life. You worked hard to create success. You want to take advantages of the opportunities available to improve your life and the life of your family. 



I have 39 years’ experience as a financial advisor. After guiding people of all ages I have seen and experienced almost everything that can happen in life. 

My education includes Bethel College, Bethel Seminary, U.S. Army Chaplains School, Denver College for Financial Planning, Wheaton Graduate School, the University of Nottingham, and Cannon Financial for basic and advanced estate planning.

At the end of my life, I want people to say: "he was a good man, a good father, a good husband, and a good friend.   He cared about me."